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Tramping Logbook

Tramping Logbook

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Tramping Logbook

Our tramping logbooks are a wonderful way for lovers of the outdoors to plan and keep track of their adventures!

For those who are unfamiliar, Tramping is the fond Kiwi term for Hiking.

Featuring: An essentials packing list, summer and winter packing lists, and a quick reference guide with numbered pages that allow you to quickly find the tramp you want to tell someone about!

The 6” x 9” size means it will fit easily in your pack or if you’re counting tight on space and counting every gram just fill it out when you get home. It would make a wonderful gift for friends or family that are keen trampers - or a treat for yourself!

Each entry contains clear prompts to help you document your adventures. It has a vibrant coloured gloss cover with high-quality interior print and off-white pages which give it an old-timey feel.

One page per tramp with enough space to record 86 adventures!

Prompts included:

- Trail name
- Location
- Date
- Trail type
- Elevation
- Weather
- Expected duration and actual duration
- Track conditions
- Hut/ camp details
- Logistics
- Tramping partners
- Star ratings for difficulty and overall rating

And the most important question - would you do it again?!  Heck yes, hell no or maybe?

Larger sections for general comments, highlights and tips for others or next time.

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