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The Karoline Earrings | Moonstone

The Karoline Earrings | Moonstone

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The Karoline is effortless, timeless, classic, and the perfect addition to any kind of ear party.

Moonstone is truly the most beautiful iridescent white that shimmers like a pearl when the light hits it just right.


  • 15mm Hoop
  • Two Rough Moonstones
  • 24k Gold Fill or Stirling Silver

Please note that rough cut stones are all unique in shape. The size of each stone is the same but they may not be exactly the same shape, which we think is what makes the Karoline hoop all the more special.

Gold-filled materials will never tarnish, they are able to be worn in the shower, have perfume sprayed on them and still stay in perfect condition without loosing any of their shine. Using gold filled material also means that those who have sensitive ears are still able to wear these pieces because of the thicker layer of gold. We use both sterling silver and 24k gold filled wire to wrap all stones that are used for our pieces as well. 

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