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Tea-ser Vial

Tea-ser Vial

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These loose-leaf Tea-ser Vials from Teaology make 5-10 standard cups of tea depending on the personal strength of your brew. Teaology teas are designed to ensure optimal therapeutic benefit with exceptional flavour. Each tea is ethically sourced and picked at its peak, and backed by the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Sold as singles in a variety of delicious flavours.


Choccomint Rooibos: A herbal tea packed full of goodness and taste, without a hint of guilt for that after-dinner treat. Cocoa pieces and organic peppermint are combined with premium rooibos tea to bring you a refreshing, healthy drink that tastes just as good as it sounds. If you're after something a little more decadent, then add milk and you've got yourself a surprisingly similar (but healthier alternative) to your traditional hot chocolate. Caffeine free.

Kiwi & Strawbs Fruit Tisane: A wonderfully bold and full-bodied blend of fruits and herbs are combined in this exotic Strawberry and Kiwifruit Tea. Totally refreshing and certainly thirst-quenching without being too over-sweet. Packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, this wonderful fruit tea tastes great and keeps you looking and feeling on top of the game. Caffeine free.

Jasmine & Lychee Chunmee Green Tea: A delightful blend of juicy lychee fruits, jasmine and high-quality green tea make this a delightful drink. Pan-fired Chunmee style leaves come to life with the addition of tangy notes from the lychee and exotic tones of jasmine. A very popular tea and one that's great to enjoy with friends. Approximately 20mg of caffeine per cup.

Time Out Wellness Blend: What better way to relax than with a comforting cup of Time Out Herbal Tea. A sumptuous blend of calming herbs will help take away all the pressures of daily life. Teaology has blended a range of herbs designed to ease joints and calm the mind. This tea is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial & antioxidant-rich which eases the joints, defends and protects cell DNA, stabilises blood sugar levels, reduces blood pressure and improves circulation; all culminating in a calm and restful tea to soothe the body and the mind. Caffeine free.

Keep It Together Wellness Blend: Premium grade rooibos tea which provides the sweet, depth of flavour while lemon verbena, fresh peppermint, fennel and liquorice ensure a lively herbal blend. With numerous health benefits designed to improve the immune system, defend cell DNA, aid the digestive and gastrointestinal tract, aid the absorption and metabolism of foods and generally just keep your well-being in check! Drink a cup and look after yourself! Caffeine free.

Vitality & Vigour Wellness Blend: If you're in need of an energy boost that tastes amazing, then Vitality & Vigour Herbal Tea is for you. Green Mate, known for its caffeine-like compound mateine, is combined with a truly invigorating blend of lemongrass, spearmint, ginseng, ginkgo and nettle. The result is a delicious herbal tea that gives you that kick when you need it. This blend enhances physical endurance by improving circulation increasing cognition and mental clarity whilst reducing brain fog. It helps to regulate blood sugar levels, aids digestion and speeds up the metabolism - thus also aiding in weight loss. Contains mateine.

Berry Bomb: This is a kiddy-approved blend! Get ready to light the fuse with this energy-packed fruit and herb tea. It's bright, tangy and packed with the natural and nutritional sweetness of fruits and berries. This tea is also high in vitamin C and rich in antioxidants to help blast away nasty bugs. Caffeine free!

Body Balance: If you're feeling your body's a bit off, then a cup of Body Balance could be just what you need. An ensemble of herbs including rosehip, anise, raspberry, nettle and licorice work with the warming spices of clove and cardamom to produce a satisfying drink with a lot of spicy depth.

Jersey Caramel Fruit Tisane: This tea starts as a tangy and fruity tea but then finishes with smooth and creamy caramel after notes reminiscent of a Jersey Caramel chew. Packed with the natural and nutritional sweetness of fruits and berries this tea is also high in vitamin C and rich in antioxidants.

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