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Rangatira hei Mere Pounamu

Rangatira hei Mere Pounamu

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Taranaki and East Coast Wars 1865-1872

A chief wearing a korowai, a cloak made of finely dressed flax decorated with lengths of twisted flax and red wool. Over this he wears a topuni, a war mat which consists of a flax cloak with dog hairs fastened to it, exclusively worn by men, usually chiefs and high-born warriors. He holds a mere pounamu, a weapon used with a thrusting motion similar to a short sword. 

These figurines are made in the Wairarapa. A local family started making sets of solid lead figures in 1992. Beautifully made, their emphasis has always been on New Zealand themes. They make their own moulds, and the products are hand-painted with delicate attention to detail.

These stand approximately 6 - 9 cm high and come with their own box.




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