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Paint Like Frida

Paint By Numbers | Maybe Mandarins | Canvas

Paint By Numbers | Maybe Mandarins | Canvas

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Create your own masterpiece with Paint By Frida's high-quality paint-by-numbers kit. These kits include everything you need to get started, from a pre-printed canvas to high-quality paints and brushes. Suitable for all ability levels and ages.

Maybe Mandarins was named this because well.. we aren't sure if they're Mandarins or Oranges. So, they're "Maybe Mandarins". This kit pairs well with Paint Like Frida's Soda Lime kit and Amalfi Lemons kit. 

This is a 40x50cm framed paint-by-numbers kit. framed paint-by-numbers kit is a pre-framed canvas with a numbered design, while a rolled one requires separate framing.

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