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Arch Unscented Candle

Arch Unscented Candle

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With a vivid pop of colour, Emporium's Arch Unscented Candle brightens any room. Featuring a chic arched silhouette, complete with ribbed detailing, the Emporium Arch Unscented Candle is available in a selection of cheerful, contemporary colourways, including pink, red and violet, to create a stylish focal point wherever it’s placed.

Decoratively enhance a coffee table, shelf, desk or beside cabinet with this quirky candle. If you do choose to light it, be sure to place a candleholder or heat-proof dish underneath. The Emporium Arch Unscented Candle is neatly packed in a box, making it a small yet thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one.

Smokeless and dripless. Must use with a candleholder.

10 x 4 x 15cm

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