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Mother Made

AM | Mushroom Powder

AM | Mushroom Powder

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Mōrena! It’s time to wake up and thrive.

Mother Made's AM Blend is the perfect combination of mushrooms to kick-start your day. 

Lion's Mane — to switch on the brain and improve cognitive function, mood, memory and sharpness 

Cordyceps — for a natural energy boost, helping you to perform throughout the day  

Chaga — to help strengthen your immunity & aid your body’s natural detoxification systems

Take 1-2 tsp daily. Mix the AM blend into your morning coffee for the ultimate way to start your day. Smoothies, hot beverages, your go-to breakfast or simply stirred into hot water to make a tasty broth are other popular ways to enjoy the AM blend.

No fillers | No additives | 100% Mushrooms | Third Party Tested

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