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'A Guided Discovery of Gardening' Book

'A Guided Discovery of Gardening' Book

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“A Guided Discovery of Gardening is a wonderful book that will encourage a lifelong connection with nature and a brilliant understanding of the seasons, something I can’t encourage enough.”

Willow Crossley - world-renowned florist, author and designer.

For some, gardening is a mysterious activity involving muck, unfathomable know-how and physical labour. To others, it is their gateway to creativity, well-being and magic. 

Julia Atkinson-Dunn knows what it is to stand on both sides of this fence and has channelled her discovery of gardening into a book to aid and inspire others in their own. 

A Guided Discovery of Gardening is a comprehensive partner in creating a garden, arranged to sweep beginner and progressing gardeners through informative basics to fascinating insights laid bare through her casual, friendly and often personal writing. From introductions to plant types and taking cuttings to valuable tips for home buyers and the curation of seasonally responsive planting. 

Particularly relevant to temperate regions around the world, rich doses of handy knowledge are intermingled with reflective essays and visual visits to some of her favourite New Zealand gardens, including her own.

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