Rangittira hei Taiaha

Rangittira hei Taiaha

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Taranaki and East Coast Wars 1865-1872

A chief wears a Topuni, a war mat made from the skin of the kuri, the now extinct dog introduced to New Zealand by the Maori. He holds a taiaha, a two-handed weapon with a striking blade at one end and a highly decorated point at the other which were usually intricately carved and adorned with feathers or tufts of dogs hairs.

These figurines are made in the Wairarapa. A local family started making sets of solid lead figures in 1992. Beautifully made, their emphasis has always been on New Zealand themes. They make their own moulds, and the products are hand painted with delicate attention to detail.

These stand approximately 6 - 9 cm high and come with thier own box.



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