Stay Warm and Cosy: How to Style Your Home for Winter

Stay Warm and Cosy: How to Style Your Home for Winter

When the temperature drops, you need your home to be as warm and comfortable as possible. Having the right plan in place will ensure that your home stays toasty and warm when the cold season starts. From insulating your home to decorating it to make it feel cosier, there are plenty of ways you can create and keep a warm home throughout the frigid winter months.  

This blog delves into simple yet effective ways to style your home for winter, ensuring it becomes a sanctuary of warmth and comfort. We'll explore how to use colour palettes, textures, lighting, and decorative elements to create a winter wonderland you won't want to leave.

How to Style Your Home for Winter

Here are some tips on winter decorating ideas and how to style your home, with a few product recommendations inspired by the beautiful collections at The Wonder Room 

Lighting Your Space 

Everyone enjoys a warm glow throughout the winter season because it feels so calm and inviting against the limited daylight outdoors. Consider extra table lamps to compliment permanent lighting, with warm-toned lampshades. this will bring a sense of elegance to your space. You’ll also have accessible light to curl up with that book. 

Cora Table Lamp | Brass + Linen 


Keep Yourself Warm 

One of the best ways to achieve the sense of warmth is by adding soft and inviting textures and layers into your decor. Blankets and pillows have a way of making a space feel cosy when it’s cold outside, even if you’re not snuggled up in them. All winter long, everyone will love to curl up with a collection of interesting throw pillows and blankets adorning your couch. Look for blankets made of insulating materials like cotton fleece, wool, or a friendly down alternative. These materials are super-soft, and patterns, textures and imagery can really add your personality to a space. 

Florencia Cotton Quilt Cover | King 


Include Area Rugs 

An area rug is a smart way to warm up any home, especially if you have hard surface floors like tile, vinyl, or wood. Choose shag rugs for maximum insulating benefits, since these soft rugs are made of a thick, high pile. Placing a large rug underneath your bed means no cold feet when you step out of the sheets onto a hard floor. Decadent floor cushions and bean bags can also add to the warm factor of your living spaces and are portable to move towards a heat source, at a safe distance of course. 

Benita Velvet Bean Bag 


Add Some Winter Scents 

A candle provides a warm, pleasant atmosphere, but it can also be useful during a power outage. Choose candles with welcoming seasonal scents or diffuse essential oils with warm, pleasant aromas such as cinnamon, vanilla, or pine. 



Celebrate the Season

It’s great to invest in decor pieces which show off your style all year round, like a quirky vase for a bright bouquet, but you can have fun with a few seasonal items that make great conversation starters.  

Eye-catching prints which reflect your region, personality or the colour palette of your home can easily be swapped out each season to suit a new theme, but you won’t want to hide away the impressive collection at Wonder Room, from NZ’s talented artists. 

Cold Snap Print 


Embrace the Calm with Wonder Room

Winter can be a time for slowing down and recharging. Create a calming atmosphere by decluttering your space and keeping surfaces clear. Play soft, relaxing music and dim the lights to create a serene ambiance.  

By following these tips and incorporating the beautiful finds from Wonder Room, you can transform your home into a warm and inviting haven this winter. Embrace the season, create a space that reflects your personality, and most importantly, enjoy the comfort and joy of winter decor!  

Don't forget to indulge in the simple pleasures of winter! Curl up with a good book by the fireplace, enjoy a movie marathon with steaming mugs of hot chocolate, or bake delicious winter treats to share with envious guests who won’t want to leave. 

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