Brand Story | Crown Lynn Kiwi

Brand Story | Crown Lynn Kiwi

The Crown Lynn form has graced homes since 1948 and have become highly recognisable pieces. Saved and preserved by Christine Anselmi, Bruce Yallop, and others at the closure of Crown Lynn factory in the late 1980’s, since produced by Catherine Anselmi Ceramics, Studio Ceramics, and now Matthew Nisbet under Crown Lynn Kiwi; this is a NZ tradition in cast ceramic work.


Crown Lynn Kiwi Hotel Jug | Baby Blue


The iconic Crown Lynn forms are created at their Napier based studio. They are taking on the next generation of the same forms, using the the skills, techniques, recipes, knowledge, passed on to them, adding new technology, a library of skills, including a marketing edge to promote kiwi talent.


Crown Lynn Kiwi Swan | White


Crown Lynn Kiwi is establishing a library of old NZ iconic forms, and hopefully will have new collections added to the exisiting soon. 

Creating a studio for the ceramics that are almost impossible to get now, and making them more accessible.

We are excited to now be stockists of Crown Lynn Kiwi! Explore the collection here.

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