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Stocking Zoe and Morgan - Handcrafted Jewellery


For this brother and sister duo, making handcrafted jewellery is in their blood. Immigrating to New Zealand in their early year’s (we will claim them as Kiwi’s), and then travelling the world with their parents, they adopted an early appreciation for style and old world charm.

Elegant and Unique Jewellery 

First launching in 2006, they have been hailed a success ever since. Evolving from year to year, they have created a brand known for elegance and pieces that will be treasured forever.

And why do we love it? It stands out. When you see someone in a pair of Zoe and Morgan earrings, you can instantly recognise the brand. They create statements with every piece. We wear it ourselves and are proud to support a brand, which is built on such wholesome family values.

Here are some of our favourite pieces



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