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Stocking Meadowlark - Hand Crafted New Zealand Jewellery


Meadowlark - Hand Crafted New Zealand Made Jewellery Brand

Wonder Room is proud to stock this New Zealand jewellery brand, which is at the forefront of hand crafted designer jewellery.

Un-shamelessly graphic yet refined and evocative, this jewellery brand is setting new standards and the 2014 collection does not disappoint.

Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont are the mind and inspiration behind this brand. Unified in business and love, they have come together to infuse street culture and graphic design into each element of their work. The result? Uniquely different handcrafted designer jewellery.

Why we love it?

Unique aesthetic – each piece attracts someone for a different reason, be it the attention to detail, the abstract art, or a kooky collection that resinates with its new owner. With collections like; The Love of Cats, Ritual and Veni Vidi Vici how could you not fall in love.

Now stocked online and with a beautiful collection in store – you can see for yourself why everyone is talking about Meadowlark.

And our pick?

We love these new Stacker Rings; Choose one or choose three and mix and match your silver and gold’s.

Watch how it’s made:


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