A3 Lumen Print - Gum Leaf

A3 Lumen Print - Gum Leaf

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um Leaf Lumen art print 

Art print of Gum Leaf exposed in sunlight for 1 hour. A foraged sprig from a gum tree, moving in and out of depth in the exposure with little hints of seeds and cracking in the dried leaf. Hang solo or compliment with another colour from the palette curated by Stacey - Dusk, Mustard, Leaf, Prussian and Ink. 

Digitally created from an original Lumen print exposed and developed by Stacey. Scroll to view documented notes of the process.

Lumen prints hark back to the beginning of camera-less photographs in the 1830's by placing an object directly on photographic paper and exposing in sunlight. There is a certain magic in capturing the changing moments of beauty. 



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